Obasanjo gives shocking revelations about her son, Olujonwo’s one-year marriage to billionaire daughter, Tope Adebutu

Spouse of the former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, Taiwo Obasanjo, has released a statement revealing what led to the crash of her son, Olujonwo’s one-year marriage to billionaire daughter, Tope Adebutu.

Mrs. Obasanjo who was against the wedding initially and had even gone to court to stop it, made some shocking allegations of what transpired in her son’s marriage to Tope.

She made all the allegations in a statement sent to LIB. Read the statement below…

Mrs. Obasanjo



    Psalm 62:11:
    God Has Spoken Once,Twice I Have Heard This:That Power Belongs To God….not
    to Tope Adebutu, Rosemary Dacosta or Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

    ON TOPE ADEBUTU: She was introduced to my son by Chief Kenny Martins (my
    Twin brother). Long before the marriage, it was prophesied that we should not do
    a big wedding for my son before his 34th birthday and the wife coming will come
    from a wealthy family but she will cause disaffection, disunity, division and great
    problems in the family etc. and the wedding date must not fall on 11th or 13th
    and we should not use gray colour during the wedding, as the gray colour
    symbolises the death of the glory of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo like a gigantic fire
    turning into ashes, they ignored and humiliated me and picked 11th and 13th and
    gray colour which the Obasanjo’s family wore to the wedding.I was warned that
    both date will open doors to great tragedy within the family and the nation and
    the girl will stir up great storm in the family.

    explain to her the need to shift the date based on the warning from the prophecy
    received but her response was that we should forget the prophecy and do the
    wedding quickly so that they can get big money from Chief Kessington Adebutu.

    COURT CASE: when 11th and 13th of May was picked for the wedding, I
    pressured Chief Kensington Adebutu and Dr. Biola Olorode (The first daughter of

    Chief Kessington Adebutu) and Chief Kenny Martins to change the wedding date
    but I was hated, rubbished and called all manner of names, they even said nobody
    should listen to me that I am mentally deranged. Rosemary Dacosta and Tope
    Adebutu even boasted that the wedding date remains 11th and 13th May 2017,
    and that it is final.

    I went to court to get them to shift the date to avert future problems, in order to
    avert the disaster that was prophesied when I have been seriously warned against
    that date. They came to court with 5 powerful Senior Advocate Lawyers to mock
    and ridicule me in court that I have turned the wedding to an Ile-ife oracle, Ile-ife
    is a town where the No. 1 Royal Monarch of the Yoruba’s comes from. I lost the

    WEDDING DAYS OF MY SON FOR 11TH AND 13TH OF MAY 2017: I kept away, I
    didn’t attend.

    AFTER WEDDING: I started receiving phone calls on three different occasions that
    my son has been running away from his matrimonial home because of the violent
    and the wild insultive behaviour of Tope Adebutu.

    occasions would slap my son, abuse and treat him with arrogance and contempt,
    when my son realized that Tope Adebutu suffers from emotional insecurity and
    mental instability with daily threat from her that she would kill my son and
    nothing will happen, my son started locking the door of his bed room and
    sometimes running away from the house to save his life. My son is healthier and
    stronger than her; I have brought him up never to beat his wife or any woman.

    introduction Rosemary Dacosta and Tope fought one of Obasanjo’s daughter in
    their house. Tope Adebutu would phone my son in Abeokuta to come and she will
    seat in the car and give order to my son to get down and buy this, buy that for her
    as if my son is her servant. After marriage, every little disagreement she will slap
    my son and even slapping him in his car in the presence of my son’s driver

    8.MY SON REFUSAL TO HAVE SEX WITH HER: After abusing, insulting, shouting
    and slapping my son, she would then order my son to come and “fuck her” and
    my son would go into his room and locked up himself and sometime run away
    because my son is a normal human being with his senses and dignity intact. How
    can any normal man make love to a demonic wife whose utterances and behavior
    are boastful of cruelty, destruction and humiliation?

    9. HONEY MOON: Before the honey moon a lot of strange things started
    happening. Rosemary Dacosta insisted on going on honey moon with my son and
    her daughter, my son ran away again when he heard this. His father, Chief
    Olusegun Obasanjo forced my son out of hiding and compelled my son to go on
    honey moon with his mother-in-law Rosemary Doacosta and Tope Adebutu. My
    son paid Six Million Naira (6 million) for the ticket of Rosemary Dacosta and Tope
    plus their hotel accommodation. All these were frightening development to my
    son, a mother-in-law going with them on honey moon. And Chief Olusegun
    Obasanjo supported this unheard of demand, forcing my son to agree.
    Please I humbly ask the “whole world”…why on earth will a father force his
    son to go on honey moon with his wife and mother-in-law.

    10.RITUAL KILLING AND SACRIFICE: Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is evil, secretly in
    demonic agreement with the two women Rosemary Dacosta and Tope, the three
    of them wants to kill my son and use him as sacrifice, to fulfil his demonic

    agreement to Tope Adebutu that he would ensure the speedy promotion of Tope
    Adebutu to become the Chief Judge of Ogun State in the shortest possible
    manner. When my son saw that his life was in danger, he ran away from the
    Hiltop residence of his Dad- Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

    11.ON CHIEF OLUSEGUN OBASANJO: Most times my son would report the
    humiliating behaviour and utterances of Tope Adebutu to his Dad Chief Olusegun
    Obasanjo, instead of admonishing and calling this girl to correct her, he will tell
    my son to go and manage her, not for once did Chief Olusegun Obasanjo ever
    called her to order.

    12A.PATERNAL WICKEDNESS: The oppression, evil domination and disgusting
    control of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo on the life of my son makes him to keep
    running away to save himself from being killed by his wife and his biological
    father. When my son resisted his dad and refused to remain in his marriage, Chief
    Olusegun Obasanjo became a raving mad man, he seized my son’s jeep, he
    stopped his salary, he threatens that he would disowned my son, cut him off
    from his “will”, he will ensure that my son amounts to nothing, that he will not
    help him and he will block all avenues of his income and businesses to impoverish
    him and make my son suffer untold hardship unless he returns to his marriage to

    12B. CHIEF OLUSEGUN OBASANJO: He threatened my son and warned him never
    to speak to anyone or the public or the press or his mother on what is happening
    to him in his marriage. The pain, the attack, the gang up, the desperate and
    ungodly bullying of my son by his Dad to make my son submit his dignity, honour
    and respect to Tope is unheard of, his desperation goes even to the extent of
    forcefully compelling and demanding that my son must come back and start
    having sex with his wife or else he would make him suffer more deeply.

    SECRETLY IN HIS PENT HOUSE: He kept my son’s wife Tope in his presidential
    library where she lived for over three months, near his own Pent house and he
    goes to see Tope secretly in the dead of the night. My son caught Tope his wife
    there on the 14th of March 2018 when he visited his Dad unannounced and after
    witnessing this first hand he ran away again. This is very true and can be verified.

    Chief Obasanjo will repeatedly phone my son threatening and shouting like a
    fatally wounded lion saying reconcile with your wife Tope “come back and start
    sleeping with your wife” I won’t marry another wife for you, I will not marry
    another wife for you repeatedly, the question is… why is Chief Olusegun Obasanjo
    desperately and forcefully demanding that my son should go back and start
    having sex with his wife, knowing that my son is running away from a wife who
    has repeatedly served advance warning to my son that “I will kill you and nothing
    will happen.

    Chief Obasanjo married over fifteen wives and has more than thirty concubines.
    When Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was having problem with his own first wife the
    Army did not seize his car, did not drive him from his official residence, did not
    stop his salary or seize or freeze his bank account or payment of his salary, the
    Army did not join forces with his 1st wife or punished him because of his wife or
    gang up against him, the Military didn’t pry into his sex life or extramarital life, the
    Army didn’t disgrace or retired him with humiliation.

    When Nelson Mandela came out of prison, the horror, the humiliation, and the
    abuse which was not known to the world but was privately meted out to him by
    Winnie at the home front made him to seek divorce from Winnie. Prince Charles
    of England also got his divorce from Diana when he couldn’t cope with Diana.

    It is very sad and very painful to say this, but Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is
    frightfully evil, wicked, sick and sexually immoral demonically, a sadistic
    psychopathic father and an unrepentant arrogant tormentor of his children who is
    abusing and misusing his paternal power and influence to negatively cow his
    children into submission, possessing demonic intelligence,a serial satanic
    destroyer of all family values without remorse.

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