Nigerians in China stranded as Police order hotel managements to chase them out

Nigerians in China are reportedly stranded as the Chinese Police ordered hotel managements to chase them out.

This was made known in a video currently going viral on social media.

Some Nigerians both men and women who are currently in China have been left stranded and homeless, after being chased out from their hotel rooms by the hotel management.

According to reports the Nigerians were chased out on the order of the Chinese Police, though the veracity of this claims have been yet to be verified

In a video going viral right now, one of the men (The one wearing the Blue shirt) Could be heard saying:
    ‘Excuse me sir, i am a business man, I just came back from another city to this one, we lodged here, only for them (the management) to come this morning that they don’t need any Nigerians in their Hotel.”

The video was posted on Facebook by Harrimedia, who wrote;
    “Chinese Police Orders All Hotel Managements To Drive Out All Nigerians From Their Hotel, Living Them on the streets Stranded And This Are All Responisble Nigerians, Business Men who came to china to buy goods.”

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