Model gets bitten by Shark while swimming in Bahamas

An Instagram model has been bitten by a shark while posing for pictures in shark-infested waters.

Katarina Zarutskie from California, United States was visiting the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas when she decided to swim with a group of nurse sharks - a popular pastime that tourists to the area partake in at their own risk.

After spotting a gathering of the sharks, Zarutskie jumped in the water and began to float amongst the bottom-dwelling creatures.

According to Zarutskie, she'd seen photos of people doing the same thing on social media and figured it was safe.

However, the nursing student, who runs a popular lifestyle blog and has more than 45,000 followers, was bitten on her wrist moments after entering the water by a shark attempting to drag her under.

After finally freeing her arm from the shark’s mouth, Zarutskie covered the wound to stop the flow of blood from spreading through the water.

The terrifying ordeal, captured by her boyfriend’s dad on camera, shows Zarutskie struggling underwater as she attempts to escape the five-foot shark’s grip.

She managed to wade out of the water, where she was then rushed to land.

After sharing her story, Zarutskie faced ridicule over her decision to swim with the sharks, with many accusing her of being social media-obsessed

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