Mass defection: Governor Wike gives insight

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has said that the defection of over 50 Federal Lawmakers from the APC to the PDP will teach Political parties to respect their members.

Wike noted that democracy, rule of law and separation of powers had suffered extremely, insisting that the gale of defection since Tuesday was instructive to parties.

The Governor said that the mass defection in the National Assembly was also an indication that the will of the people and the liberty of any person to choose the political parties that he wanted to belong remained supreme.

Wike said this on Wednesday through the State Commissioner for Information and Communication, Emma Okah.

“The institutions of democracy, rule of law, separation of powers, etc, have suffered enormously for some time now.
“The development yesterday, wherein people feel that time has come for them to move is very instructive.
“The people’s will must prevail and those who lead must lead with the understanding and appreciation of the fact that the people’s will is supreme.
“So, to all intent and purposes, the liberty of the persons to choose which party they want to belong without fear or favour was put to play.
“For whatever it is worth, political parties will now be a lot more careful on how they treat their members,” he stated.

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