Lady who allegedly ‘snatched’ her best friend’s husband last year, dies

Farida Bashir, the lady accused of snatching her friend’s husband Junaidu Usman Abubakar last year, has reportedly died.

Kannywood actress, Aisha Humairah, who shared report of the lady’s death alleged that she died after complaining of stomach ache.

 She wrote;
    “God has forgiven you Farida
    God makes it a resting-place for you
    God forgives you Bashir God is a resting-place for you God grants patience and patience to the best of our destiny.”
Recall that after reports of Farida Bashir reportedly snatching her friend’s husband went viral, the lady who was the victim of the ‘snatching’, Aisha Laah (@ayeesha_oc), begged Allah for revenge.

According to ayeesha, she made all her marriage preparation with her friend, who allegedly stole her man. The sad lady also turned to Allah, begging him to fight her battle, as she knows that what is coming is better than what is gone.

She posted the picture of her bestfriend with her man and the caption:

    “Oh life! This is my close friend Farida Bashir Ikara @fareeluv whom is getting married to the man I am supposed to get married to Junaidu Usman Abubakar @junaidu2011, a friend whom I trusted with the whole of my heart, doing all the preparations of my wedding together and how she’s has betrayed me. Turns out she’s getting married to him 25/03/17. Allah You are my strength, so I leave everything to You to fight for me. And I know for sure what is coming is better that what is gone.”

One Ismaeel, who claimed to be the sister of the scorned woman also took to Facebook to show his support while urging her to move on. He wrote;

    “The first picture is my sister Aisha Laah
    The second picture is a combined of Aisha Laah with her fiancee Junaidu Usman Abubakar, then her close friend Farida Bashir Ikara still with the same guy.
    Third picture is Pre-wedding picture of her close friend Farida Bashir Ikara with her friend’s husband.
    As a woman….How will you feel, when the closest friend you trusted went ahead and marry the man you got engaged with?
    This is so unbelievably.
    Junaidu Usman Abubakar is getting married to Farida Bashir Ikara tomorrow 25 March 2017.
    My sister….She has informed you never to trust any friend again….
    He is not your husband but a big lesson to you.
    Submit everything to Allah… He is the one that will make you to overcome this challenge and shocking time in your life.
    I understand how you feel but be that strong I known you to be.
    Let them be…And move on with your life.
    Be good and mean good…
    Allah will give you something better than what you can’t even imagine.
    The best that is coming, will be better than what has left you.
    Always remember, your parents still loves you, those close to you still loves you as well and above all, Allah loves you.
    I promise to stand by you my sister

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