Lady jailed for bewitching her husband’s penis

24-year-old Memory Shiri, who was found guilty of bewitching her husband’s penis, has been jailed by a Zimbabwean court.

The lady was jailed after her husband, 40-year-old man, Godwishes Magarira, who experiences erectile dysfunction whenever he is with his first wife dragged her before Gutu resident Magistrate court.

While witchcraft is not permitted under the Zimbabwean law, however the court heard that in 2016, Magarira approached Shiri and asked her why he fails to have an erection whenever he wants to have sex with the first wife, and Shiri answered ‘ndakakusunga’ ( I bewitched you).

It was gathered that after she confessed to bewitching her husband’s penis, Magarira also got a medical examination report to prove that he was having sexual problems. Before the sentencing, Magarira had accused Shiri of boasting that she can control her husband’s sex life.

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