Ethiopian ‘prophet’ in trouble after he tried and failed to raise man from the dead (photos & video)

An Ethiopian ‘prophet‘ who tried to raise a man from the dead by lying on top of him and shouting ‘Wake up!’ has found himself arrested by the police. Shocking footage shows the prophet, Getayawkal Ayele trying to revive Belay Biftu’s corpse in the town of Galilee in the Oromia region.

In the video, Getayawkal Ayele is seen prostrating himself on top of Mr Biftu’s lifeless body and repeatedly yelling ‘Belay, wake up!’ – but his efforts proved unsuccessful.

The shocking incident was filmed and has since gone viral on social media. After witnessing his crude failed resurrection, furious relatives of Belay Biftu began attacking health worker Ayele, while others fainted.

Abusing dead bodies is a crime under Ethiopian law and Ayele was arrested by police shortly afterwards.

Residents in the town said Ayele had approached the bereaved family and told them the New Testament story of Lazarus who was brought back to life by Jesus.

It seems they then agreed for Mr Belay to be dug up. But chaos ensued by the graveside after the failed resurrection.

You can watch the video below

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