5 Lessons Nigerians should learn from the Ekiti Governorship Election for 2019

By salvationproject

The most-anticipated Ekiti governorship election have come to past and finally a winner have emerge governor-elect in the person of Dr. Fayemi Kayode of the APC but looking at the various intriguing dramas that preceded the election, below are five things Nigerian can learn in preparation for 2019.

1. This Is Oshiohmole First Victory

I hope you must have learnt that this is Oshiohmole’s first victory as APC chairman, you should also learn that he is determined to win more.

2. APC/Buhari Is Definitely Going To Win 2019

I believe I don’t need to echo this to the ears of those who are hoping that Nigerians are tired of Buhari/APC and therefore they will lose 2019 elections. If truly Nigerians are tired, who then voted in the Ekiti election that led to APC winning one of the thought formidable household of PDP.

3. 2019 election will be war in disguise

Just for Ekiti state election, 30000 policemen + other security agencies and tough security equipment were deployed. 36 plus FCT (37) multiply by 30000 equals 1110000 policemen needed for 2019. That means our policemen are not even an inch enough for 2019.

4. Many Nigerians Will Want To Commit Suicide

To those who have made up their mind that Buhari must leave in 2019 or they kill themselves.

5. No Formidable Power Yet To Match The Federal Might

If APC can defeat Eleka/Fayose, a formidable power in Ekiti state where Fayose bragged that he controls 80% of the state, I see no reasons why they will not win in a federation where no formidable power is already in place but election is about ten(10) months away.

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