40 year old Nigerian lady commits suicide over pressure to get married

If you ask me, this lady was murdered by those who insulted her, taunted, mocked, spat at her for not getting married at her age.
She could no longer stand the pressure that was why she took her own life.
You don't need to use a knife or a gun before you can kill someone, you can also do that with your negative tongue.
There are people whose tongues are filled with bitter and harmful words without minding how they affect their fellow human being.

We are in a society that attach so much importance to marriage, that a woman is nobody if she is not married.
Seriously, such mentality is archaically bad and should be washed off.

A 40 year old Nigerian lady has reportedly taken her own life with a poisonous substance after being repeatedly pressured and taunted by her paternal family for not getting married.

The sad post was made by Seun Obajolu, who stated that the lady was over 40 and had a Master’s Degree.

She wrote:
‘I am upset and emotional! Just heard of a single sis above 40 who poisoned herself due to parental pressure. She had a Master’s Degree?’
May her soul rest in Peace.

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