Meghan's father reveals the promise Prince Harry made to him before the Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle‘s father, Thomas Markle finally broke his silence on missing the royal wedding, he also opened up about Meghan and Prince Harry and spilt intimate secrets about their relationship.
In an extraordinary first-ever TV interview, The 73-year-old described his sorrow about pulling out just three days before he was due to walk his daughter down the aisle because of heart surgery and admitted he was jealous but grateful that Prince Charles stepped in.

In a world exclusive interview with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, he revealed Meghan sobbed when he told her he was staying in the
US – and he cried as he watched his ‘beautiful’ daughter marry Prince Harry in Windsor on a small colour TV in a Californian B&B.

Mr Markle gave millions of viewers a blow-by-blow account of his private conversations with Meghan and her new husband and revealed he calls his daughter ‘bean’ because she loved Jack and the Beanstalk as a child.

His most controversial comments came when he revealed that Harry confided in him that he is ‘open to Brexit’ and also believes controversial President Donald Trump should be ‘given a chance’.

The claims will cause ructions because royals must remain strictly politically neutral – although Harry’s father Charles is known for his outspoken views and numerous letters lobbying ministers on his pet causes.

Mr Markle also spoke freely about his daughter’s desperate wish to have children and said although she is not pregnant he expects the couple will have a baby ‘in the making very soon’.

He is yet to meet his new son-in-law, who asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage on the phone last December, to which he replied:

‘You are a gentleman, promise me you will never raise your hand against my daughter and of course I will grant you my permission’.

He added today:
‘Yeah he’s a prince but my daughter has been a princess since the day she was born’, adding he hopes to be in London soon to meet the couple and perhaps the Queen

Mr Markle was paid a ‘few thousand pounds’ for the tell-all interview with Good Morning Britain and Meghan’s father chose to do it because he wanted ‘set the record straight’, host Piers Morgan revealed afterwards.
But the decision is likely to upset the newlyweds because it is understood Kensington Palace was not told and the cash deal raises more questions about his relationship with Meghan after the turmoil he caused before the Royal Wedding.

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