Indian Man kills his 4 year old daughter as a gift offering to God and blame devil for it

Reporring from Times of India, 26 year old Nawab Ali Qureshi, had after reciting verses from the Koran, murdered his 4 year old daughter, Rizwana as a gift offering to God and later blamed Satan for it. Saying that Satan had entered his body and made him do it.

Qureshi, who runs a meat shop, allegedly admitted slaying Rizwana after his wife filed a murder report.

Police said the father told them he had taken his daughter to a market to buy her sweets before telling her he loved her very much.

According to the Indian Express, he added:

 'I am a devout Muslim and love my daughter more than my life.
'For several days she was at her grandmother's place and returned on Thursday. I took her to the marketplace and bought sweetmeats and fruits.
'In the night I took her to the courtyard downstairs, recited a kalima, killed her, and then went back to sleep upstairs.'

He also reportedly said: 'I had to offer my most prized possession to Allah.'
Qureshi said the devil had entered him, police explained.

Police said the man's wife, Shabana, found her daughter's lifeless body at about 3am after the killing.

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