“I am in search of a woman that will use me as her slave” – Nigerian man begs on Facebook

Read him below

Hello Preety Suzzy, i pray u doing great, Suzzy pls help me post this before I die in silence,
im a submissive masochist in search of a dominant woman that’ll use me as her slave, make me wash her clothes n pants, lick her ass, feet, armpit, just use me as her dog, verbally abuse me, all those humiliations turns me on as I’m a 100% submissive guy,
I just need a dominant woman dt’ll kp me in her house for 5days or a week n use me as her dog, I know its rare in Nigeria, but this is d real me, I crave this, I long for it, its my wired fantasy and I can’t deny myself wat gives me pleasure,
Nb!! Interested persons should inbox me as I’m certain that this post will attract a thousand comments n I might not be able to see them all, Thanks

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