Thunder strikes controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo during rainfall (photos)

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo is having a every reason to thank God for his grace in her life after surviving an attack by thunder at her residence.

According to her, the attack which nearly took her life happened during early morning storm.

She was struck behind her house where she sat and was washing her clothes on a table when it happened.

She said the attack was so lethal that she lost consciousness and had to be resuscitated by people around her. She said what saved her was her knowledge of how to respond when thunder strikes. She was hospitalized after the incident and given anxiolytics by her doctor.

She wrote
“When almost 39,000 did not notice that my obituary could have been written yesterday, it shocks you when only 12 notice that I was struck by lightning yesterday exactly at this time.

“I thank God I lived to tell it. My father was right since 1984 when he said I have NINE lives.

“I have survived *2nd degree burns to my entire face in 1984 in a chemistry lab accident caused by a teacher in pharmacy school

* A political deportation from Canada in 2012

* An attempted gang rape on Ikorodu Lagos at 13yo in 1978 during the #AliMustGoRiots
where my 8yo brother #AkintayoOlunloyo was smashed in the head by rioters and we were both thrown from a burning federal government car. (Seun Kuti thanks for your words on my 50th birthday 2014)
* Female Genital Mutilation at 5yo 1969 and lived to tell the @ibtimes_uk about it exposing a horrific culture.
*6 months detention in an American jail 2003 without bail for protesting a racist female American judge who allowed my 5yo son to be fondled/sexually molested by a male foster parent while he was supposed to be cared for.

“The police officer that made up the charges claiming I threatened the judge was ironically killed by a black drug dealer the day I received bail.

“After audios of my son surfaced, charges were dropped and his department said he targeted black people a lot, something now out in US activism groups.
“I survived a lightning strike on May 8th 2018 shutting down the electrical component of my heart for approximately 20 seconds.

“I survived 6mos three times in a maximum prison in Nigeria.
Those of you who think I’m aethist are wrong.

“I just never liked the Bible because it sounded like stories and I still don’t like parts of it which preach hate on Gay people.

“We are created the same. Start thinking of others and reading posts, start learning from me.

“I am the most intelligent woman in Nigeria and have always stood by it. Many of you are smart but NOT intelligent.
Below are screenshots of what she wrote:

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