SHE trapped - Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn

SHE trapped - Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn (A Reality Story)
"Adaku, you are doing it? You are finally getting a kiss from a man. Look at you? Are you not a hypocrite? Have you forgotten those stupid and nasty attitudes you displayed, discriminating against girls who have boyfriends. Shame on you. What if any of them sees you now? Those promises you made about keeping your virginity, what is happening now?"

Aaaar! That conscience, it never stopped soiling my moods, it never stopped. It kept reminding me about my past.

I almost felt into regret and as I was about to pull back, my other self prevented it with strong assuring words.

"Come on girl! It's only a kiss and nothing more. It's not like he is deflowering you. Unku is a gentle man. He won't go there. So enjoy the moment. See what you have been missing, so enjoy girl."

So my other self won and I allowed my body to feel the moment.

But little do I know that, men have things they do with their hands when they are kissing a girl.

That part I never knew.

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