SHE trapped - Episode 1& 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn (A reality story)

SHE trapped - Episode 1 by Ngozi Lovelyn (A reality story)

My name is Adaku, though, that is not my actual name.
In 2014, I graduated from Unizik, Mass Communication as a discipline.
In 2016, I was called to partook in the National Youth Service Corps" where I served my father's land in Enugu State.
I never knew any man then, until I met Unku. He is dark, balanced on average height. He has this bold look that makes him look intimidating. It created different perceptions about his personality, but that explanation is reserved for those who doesn't know him personally.

We met at a restaurant there in Enugu, so after exchanging numbers, we got talking, knowing each other and things began developing deeply.
6 weeks later, he invited me over to his house. He lived in a comfortable 2 bedroom flat.

I don't know why I accepted to visit him in his house instead of an open place, but I trusted him, I trusted he will understand my wish and not demand sex with me.

Then, my mind traveled down a long  memory lane, when I was still in school. I detested girls who had boyfriends. I used to see them as worthless children of Satan, who enjoyed hurting God with their bodies, instead of keeping them holy. I remembered not helping a girl in the exam because she had a boyfriend, I also ignored shifting for a girl to sit beside me during a lecture because she had a boyfriend. I ignored engaging with worldly sinners during a group assignment. I always managed to link myself with classmates who attended the same fellowship with me and have the group assignment done with them. But if the selection was the one made by the lecturer, then I will have no other option than to manage them, though I won't be actively involved, even if it means failing the course. I rather fail the course than to mingle with unbelievers,

This is just for you to understand the severity of my discrimination against the people I called "unbelievers, sinners and worldly people"

But seriously, was I been awful? I see them as great sinners and shouldn't be associated with.

"So Adaku, what are you now? Have you forgotten your promise to God? Why sinning against him now?"

I found myself in a battle with my mind.

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