Man's action shocks people after Nigerian lady slapped him twice in an ATM queue

A Twitter user with handle, Chrisnnatu took to the platform to share this. Read below

    A lady slapped me on Saturday. I went to the ATM to withdraw, I got on the queue, few minutes later this lady walks up to me saying I got here before you. A mini argument came up cos I was pretty sure I saw the lady alight from a bike. I eventually bulged, I told her “nor be u devil go use today, Las Las all of us go withdraw” and I made way for her. All of a sudden I heard “if dem born you well repeat that statement again” as I repeated myself “nor be you devil go las(i heard Tawai Tawai, I saw stars.
    Honestly, beating her blue-black crossed my mind. I thought about my little sister, about my so many female friends, my cousin, my mother. E pain me . You need to see/hear the grave yard silence there. Everyone one expected me to beat the hell out the girl. I dissapointed them, I dissapointed myself, I walked away. I thought about it all night, I should have dealt with that babe, I couldn’t not sleep. I now know what those guys who hit ladies feel. The Ayobami Ogunsina of a year ago wouldn’t have let it go. I’m growing. Cheers to self control.

His story of course, sparked reactions online…
See some below:

Hmm i was laughing at the tawia sound, but at the end i felt sooo bad , i have done that once in sec school and l felt soooooo bad and cried after the guy didnt say a word to me! I just felt like worst being, but later i apologised and we became friends😊

Slapping a man is the worst thing any woman can do, I tried that once n till date I haven’t forgiven myself, even though the person forgave me.

He should have followed the girl to know her house, then go to the nearest police station to report her… She will be picked up for assault.

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