Inside China's disturbing Se c Robot factory with dolls the Size of Children

Disturbing images have emerged from inside a Chinese sex robot factory where people can order custom-made AI dolls, some of which are the size of children.

The AI dolls, which cost on average $3,100 (£2,300), have soft and elastic skin made from rubbery plastic that contain less oil content than normal plastics and reportedly do not smell.

The plastic is heated to 37°C to reflect a human's body temperature and developers say these perverse dolls have body sensors that also make them feel human-like.

The company that makes the robots, Shenzhen Atall Intelligent Robot Technology which is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, says most of its clients are 40 to 50-year-old men that come from Europe and the US.

US customers like robots with darker skin and large breasts, buttocks and genitals while Chinese customers go for for Asian features with small, hairless genitals, the company says.

Most shockingly, the firm is selling child-size AI sex robots, both male and female, and the biggest market for them is in the US and Canada.

However, the perverse fetish for child-like dolls is nothing new. Last year it was revealed there has been a surge in men ordering sex dolls from Hong Kong.

Dozens of these vile 'lifelike' figures were impounded by Norwegian authorities with convicted paedophiles among the men aged 18-60 who had bought them.

The robots' bodies are made from modified thermoplastic elastomers (TBE) with a metal skeleton and they are around half the weight of normal human beings.

The company says they have anti-electric shock, anti-fire and anti-explosion measures.
Currently the robot's eyes, lips and head move and they speak English and Chinese, developers say.

Flexible joints mean the dolls can be positioned in a variety of poses for display as well as sexual acts.

The company also produces custom-made AI sex robots which sell for $9,400 (£7,000).

So far two have been ordered by men who wanted them based on the image of their wife who had passed away.

According to the company French customers like robots with blond curly hair, blue eyes and hairless genitals with a natural pink colour.

Spanish customers prefer robots with darker skin, full lips and larger genitals, writes News4Europe.

Around 70 per cent of these customers also like hair on genitals.

There is also high interest from the Middle East but importing sex toys into these countries is prohibited, developers say.

Customs clearance for these dolls in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Russia and the Philippines is also problematic.

Male sex robots are also sold but they are nine times less popular than female robots.

Customers say that cleaning the robots can be a chore because the skin is fragile and gets dirty very easily.

As well as sex robots, the company also produces educational robots, commercial servicing robots and guardianship robots for the elderly.

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