Actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie reveals why she want more kids for football game

Mercy Johnson Okojie in a new interview has revealed she wants more kids. Mercy says her goal is four, so she needs one more. She also spoke about how she has been able to manage the home front with her job.

How then do you cope with your home front and duty as the SA to the Governor on Entertainment?

It has not been easy but I’m a home girl. There are priorities. God comes first, and then family and other things follow. Definitely, the family has to be settled before we talk about work. When I am not happy at home, I can’t function properly in whatsoever capacity. God, family and then others; it works well for me that way. As we are here right now, if I get a call from my children’s school about anything, I’ll push your recorder away and run off (laughs).

Kids always want mummy around, how do you cope leaving your children for days while on location?

It has not been easy, but we are in the jet age. I am a working mother. I have to work. However, like I said earlier, it’s all about scale of preference. I give everyone and everything it’s own time.

When should we expect another baby from you?

Sure! Very soon.

Are you not scared of the labour room?

I’m obsessed with children. While growing up, I always had it in mind that I’ll have four children. So, we still need one more to complete it (laughs). So we can always play football correctly, three boys, three girls.

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