Ugandan lecturer suspended for giving student oral sex in his office

A lecturer at the Makerere University, Uganda, Edward Kisuze, has been suspended by the school management after a photo of him and a student surfaced on the internet. In the photo the lecturer was seen giving the student oral sex.

In a letter dated April 17, 2018, which has also been posted on the university’s Twitter page, the Acting Vice Chancellor, Professor William Bazeyo said Kisuze had been suspended from university service on half pay with immediate effect to allow a smooth investigation into allegations that he sexually harassed the student on Tuesday at his office at Senate Building.

It is reported that the student made a statement at a Police Station in which she said she was sexually harassed by a man in Room 507.

In the statement, the student says the man kissed her private parts forcefully and in order for her to get evidence, she took a selfie as there were no cameras in the room.

The selfie has been shared widely on various media platforms. It shows the alleged attacker kneeling down with his head between the student’s legs. She had her skirt pulled up.

    “According to her, she took this selfie and kept it until after her course clearance, she says she was locked up in the room, grabbed by force, then she took the selfie when the Lecturer was busy down there… .”

Prof Bazeyo‘s letter to Kisuze says:

    “I hereby suspend you from university service on half pay with immediate effect to allow a smooth investigation into the matter. You are strongly advised to desist from any access to the senate building premises and interactions with students of Makerere University until investigations are completed.”

When contacted, the university spokesperson, Ms Ritah Namisango said:

    “We as Makerere, we have zero tolerance to sexual harassment. We have always been asked about which action we are taking and now the action we have taken is to suspend the lecturer. We also want him arrested. We are encouraging students to report such cases as soon as possible to the office of Academic registrar, Dean of students, Vice Chancellor and the communications. We shall handle it with effectiveness.”

She said Kisuze had been arrested by the Uganda Police Force

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