SS1 Female stabs classmate in the eye for refusing to join cult (Graphic photos)

Lilian Friday has reportedly lost use of her right eye, after she got stabbed by one Josephine, an SS1 student of Community Secondary School Otuoke, Bayelsa State , all because she refused to join their cult.

Lilian who had declined persistently to join the cult group after being persuaded by Josephine who is her classmate at the school, was reportedly stabbed in the eye yesterday by the suspected female cultist and her gang members .

Lilian’s uncle, Benson who confirmed the report, disclosed that his niece was attacked late yesterday, while returning from his place. According to him, Lilian met her classmate on the way and she insisted that she must join her cult group, her persistent refusal provoked the suspect and she vowed to disfigure Lillian’s face.

Consequently, the two classmates started fighting, and then the suspect alerted her gang members, who came along and had the victim held to the ground, stabbed her right eye and then took off.

Efforts to arrest the suspect have not been successful, as the Otuoke community is yet to grant arrest warrant to the parents of the victim, because it is against their practice for someone to make arrest in the community without the approval of its leadership.

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