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Please always learn from the message the story is throwing at us, and don't read just for reading sake. Love you all as we embark on "Just a TEAR"

"Osonye, how far, where are you?" Ifeoma asked

"I am good. What about you?"

"I am good. What are you doing at the moment?" Ifeoma asked

"Just nothing, I am watching a movie" Osonye replied.

"OK, I am coming over to your place" Ifeoma said

"OK, please while coming, help me and buy meatpie from that man's shop." Osonye requested

"Haa, I don't have money with me here oo"

"This girl sef, person no dey eat your money? No worry, I go give you your money back when you come, just buy two"

"I know why I asked oo...OK then, I'm on my way now" Ifeoma said picking her purse and left for Osonye's place.

Ifeoma and Osonye became friends from the first day they entered the university. They were so fond of each other that people hardly thought they were friends. People mistook them to be sisters. They were so lucky to got posted to the same state during their National Youth Service Corps. Just that they served at a different local government but that did obstruct them from seeing each other
They were so fond of each other that their friendship stood the taste of time during their university days.

About 40 minutes later, Ifeoma stormed Osonye's place.
"Here's the meatpie you requested" Ifeoma said handing her the pie.

"Yea! Thanks babe" Osonye said, collecting the pie from her, and asked her to take the remaining one.
Ifeoma gladly took the other pie and started eating it.

"Now my money" Ifeoma requested spreading her hand.

"Hahahaha, Babe, you have eaten the second pie naa, that means we will share the money" Osonye said

"I knew it, I knew this is what you will tell me, when are you going to stop this your attitude? So I have been played huh?"

"Hehehe How can I play a smart and cunning person like you? Don't worry, on my wedding day, just pick all the money I'm owing you from the money my guest will spray me" Osonye said laughing.

"Yes, that is exactly what I will do, don't even think I will feel shy, because I will not"
Ifeoma replied as the two friends laughed out as their voices echoed out through the whole compound.

"How about that your boyfriend Kanayo, has he returned to the country? Osonye asked

"Not yet oo, he will be returning soon" Ifeoma replied.

"Babe, we are not getting any younger oo. We need to start hooking up a man by all means, even if na to get belle oo, I no mind. All these responsible cool life style of ours won't save us"

"Osonye my friend, marriage is not something we should rush into. We only need to pray to God about it, so he can bless us with our own man" Ifeoma advised

"Ifeoma, I am not getting any younger, its been 3 years since we passed out from NYSC, no man has ever asked me if I'm single, let alone interested in marriage... Just look at me Ifeoma, am I not beautiful enough? Just answer me, am I not beautiful?"

"Off course you are beautiful, you are a Queen, just that our God's time has not yet come" Ifeoma replied, warmly

"Ifeoma, forget that thing. There is nothing like God's time, where was he when Augustine dumped me for that small ugly girl after all I did for him? After dating him for years, he went ahead to marry another girl. Chai! Ifeoma, hope you see Augustine, he will continue to regret for ever breaking my heart. My God will continue punishing him" Osonye cursed

"Osonye my friend, you have to move on and forget about him. I thought you have gotten over him by now. He has moved on with his life, so stop hurting yourself by dwelling on the pains you went through when he left you newly. Please move on my dear, it is well. Our God will surely bless us when the time comes and we will be happy ever after." Ifeoma counseled.

"Ifeoma, any serious man that comes my way now will be pinned down. I don't care to know how I will do it, all I know is that I won't be taking any chances any more, enough is enough. Augustine was taken away from me where I was busy doing goody goody girl, but this time, no way. Let the man come first. I will tie him down" Osonye determined.

"My dear, you are sounding so desperate oo, allow God to do things in his own way. God knows why he separated you two, it might be for your own good."

Ifeoma was still talking when her boyfriend whom she had been dating for 2 months called her on phone from China.

"Hmmm, how is my princess doing this afternoon?" Kanayo asked romantically

"Hmm, your princess is doing fine, so how is my prince doing?" Ifeoma asked

"Your prince is not doing fine. The sickness started yesterday night" Kanayo joked

"What happened, Baby? You never cared to inform me about it. What are you sicking from?" Concerned Ifeoma asked

"Hmmm, not that serious my dear, just that I am missing you" Kanayo replied, laughing.

"You are what?  Oh my! See how you got me worried unnecessary... And again I have been played, today. You really got me big time" She said laughing

Kanayo chuckled and asked: "Who else played you?"

"It was my friend oo"

"Your friend? You know I don't know any of your friends"

"My naughty friend, Osonye the one I have been telling you about."

"That means you guys are having fun, gisting about men. Hope you I'm not the topic?"

"Naa, how can I be talking about you?... we are on girl's talk" Ifeoma replied, giggling.

"Hmm, I don't believe that. How is your friend then?"

"She is fine" Ifeoma replied signalling Osonye that he is asking after her, and Osonye greeted him from the background "Goodafternoon sir oo, please don't mind her, we discussed about you oo, she can't stay a minute without talking about you, please do come and marry her immediately before she changes her mind"

Kanayo who heard Osonye's voice burst into laughter over her comment.
And asked shy Ifeoma who was tackling Osonye for making such comment, to give the phone to Osonye.

"I heard all you said, I promise you, once I return, I will heed to your advise. Please help me and chase away any man that comes near her. Don't give them chances, even if it warrants hitting them with a huge stick, just go ahead, assurance covers you."
The duo burst into laughter.

Osonye replied:"Don't worry sir, I will do as you commanded "
They couldn't finish their chat and network got interrupted.

Ifeoma who started feeling shy on how her friend threw her open to Kanayo went to her side and started hitting her with a pillow on why she told Kanayo that she loved him much, that she can't spent a minute without talking about him "

"Relax girlfriend, these are things you should be telling him so that he can hasten his plans of engaging you. So start acting smart bestie" Osonye said

To be continued..

As the story unfolds, we will have a clear understanding of the message its sending.

"Just a Tear" written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be used, copied, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.

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