Nigerian man flaunts the face of the lady that sent him her private photos

A popular philanthropist and founder of the KBK foundation has revealed the identity of a lady allegedly sending him her nudes in exchange for financial assistance.

He however censored her body but revealed her face to serve as a warning to others who might to send him nudes.
He posted the chat he had with the lady on social media and even stated that a lot of ladies do that – send him their nudes just to get money in return.
He wrote:

The founder of the KBK Foundation was in the news some few days ago when he decided to take it upon himself to gift the 2018 first runner up, Cee-C of the popular TV reality show, Big Brother Naija, the sum of N250,000 from his personal account.

”After warning severally on this platform that Im receiving too many nudes from those requesting for help, its driving me crazy and distracting. My phone saves pics automatically.. I’m afraid to show people things on my phone cos I don’t know how many more naked bodies would have lined up again since the last time I deleted.
We have agreed on this forum to expose them, ba?
This girl is a scape goat cos hers came as a threat.
Pls stop people, just stop. There’s no shape you wanna show that I’ve never seen before, you cannot lure me into approving you.
Anyways, if you have sent me naked pics because I have not opened your mail, go and delete. Next time I will show your whole body, name and handle. I will not bring this post down. Maybe the fear of being exposed will make people stop.
Abi how do we combat men that request for sex before helping when y’all send unrequested nudes to strangers.
Lets put on our bras and pants for now.
Pls lets do normal.

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