RUN - Episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn

RUN - Episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn

While Emeka was about opening the box, a loud knock was heard from the door and Rose's heart flipped, she thought that Chitto had located her to her boyfriend's place.

"Who could that be?" He asked, standing up to open the door.

"No baby, don't open the door, the person will leave after he gets tired of knocking, let's continue with what we were doing" she tried stopping him from opening the door but the knock was getting stronger.

"Who the hell is that? Baby wait, I need to bash this person that is knocking on my door like that, is he paying the house rent with me?" He angrily left to know who it was that had the nerves to be knocking on his door like that.

Immediately he opened it, Ernest men kicked the door wide open, seeing themselves inside.

"What the hell! And who are you people?" He asked, stood in a challenging manner.

But the men ignored him first, moving inside to ransack his house.

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