RUN - Episode 1 by Ngozi Lovelyn

"Yes, I am going to guard it with my life, I assure you. You don't have to worry." Vincent said, promising Mr Ernest that the gold he was trusting in his hands will reach it's final destination, safely.

"Please, as soon as you enter Nigeria, head straight to Chief Ogbuefi's house and hand it over to him. And listen carefully, you know you haven't been in the country for 12 years now, things have changed, the country is bad now and everybody is so desperate for survival. Promise me that, you won't talk to anybody until you ensure that, Ogbuefi has gotten a hold of the gold. It worth more than a fortune, please."

"You are getting unnecessarily worried. I will do as you said, so chill" Vincent assured

"OK, good." Ernest appreciated.

Few hours later, Vincent began leaving Australia for Nigeria.

Rose, a professional runs girl was getting ready for the night's duty when her friend, Ebere approached her and began advising her to quit her stealing attitude.

"Oh, not again, Ebere! I don't want to hear about it again please."

"What do you mean you don't want to hear about it again? Last time, you almost got yourself into trouble after stealing that man's dollars. You would have landed in police station if not for his kind heart."

"Ebere listen, it was the very mistake on my own side and it's never going to repeat again. And besides, I'm not returning to that hotel again. They have removed my name from the list of the girls that will be entertaining their guests."

"So where are you going then, to stand on the street?"

"Hello! I'm not that cheap, Come on girl! There is this five star hotel I'm going tonight. I heard that rich dudes flock there like flies. Maybe we can go there together"

"No, I have a client to meet tonight. You can go ahead, but Rose, please be careful. Don't try anything stupid again. Don't land yourself into trouble again, I know why I'm saying this".

"Ebere, I don't know when you suddenly became my mother but I promise you, I will be careful, so worry less"


Later, about 8:34pm, Rose dashed out of the house, looking all skimpily sexy. She headed to Monrovia hotel and sat at the bar. She sat there for close to 2 hours, quietly sipping her alcoholic drink, but no reasonable guy approached her table, she then decided to ...... Continue below

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