‘Nigerians don’t say Igbo armed robbers, Yoruba 419ers but call Fulanis killers’ – Momoh

APC Chieftain and Former Minister of Information, Prince Tony Momoh, has waded into the controversy sparked by killings across the country and allegedly spearheaded by Fulani herdsmen.

Prince Tony Momoh who wondered why Nigerians don’t address the Igbos as armed robbers, Yorubas as 419ers but paint Fulanis as killers in his interview with Sunnewsonline, said many people are playing politics with the killings.

    “Killings are activities that the government did not envisage but the killings are a challenge to everybody. So, everybody should be blamed for the killings.

    Communication resolves everything. How much communication is there? And if there are no instruments of communicating, we must establish them rather than buying the weapons of war. .

    Many people are playing politics with the killings. They are initiating a particular pattern of belief, which would undermine the credibility of their group in future. .

    Anything that happens now, we say it is the Fulani herdsmen whereas it is since the collapse of the Libyan army and the problem in Mali, that caused the free flow of weapons into Nigeria especially the activities of Boko Haram. .

    And instead of looking at the challenges confronting Nigeria, we are saying that it is the herdsmen that are doing it. Cattle rustlers also seize the cattle and kill the herdsmen which is another issue confronting Nigeria, but because of politics we always say killings are by the Fulani herdsmen. .

    Anywhere you go to, people would say we cannot go to farm because of the Fulani herdsmen. This is when as a matter of fact, the Fulani herdsmen are in more danger than any other Nigerian. Do we talk of Igbo armed robbers? .

    Do we talk of Yoruba 419ers and so on? We talk of all these as crimes and we should be talking of the killings as also a crime. But because of politics, we are going into areas to make our children believe that the fear of Fulani herdsmen is the beginning of wisdom. .

    We must have the right communication. So, I want to say that criminals do the killings and we must all come together to fight it.”

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