My Sugar Baby - Episode 22 (THE END) by Ngozi Lovelyn

When Diogor met with her mother, she asked her about what she wanted to tell her about her past with Ngozi, Ugonna's mother.

"Yes, Ngozi used to be my friend, until Ugonna's father came into the picture. Their love then was so strong that I became envious. I cooked up a plan to snatch him from her. The plan was successful. He dumped her for me, so after 9 months, he began getting fed up with me. I tried all my possible best to keep him, but he got tired and returned to Ngozi. The next thing I heard was their wedding announcement. I felt like killing both of them then."

" she won? No wonder you hate her with passion." Diogor said

And Nneoma replied in her heart: "That was why I almost fell for his son, because he look just like his father"

"Mother, you are there?" Diogor tapped her..
"Yes...yes, so tell me, how is your husband? Is he bouncing back like you said?"

"Mummy, I'm beginning to loose hope o. I entered one chance marrying Ugonna."

"Hope I told you that that Ugonna is a total failure. Just look at you my daughter, your skin is no longer glowing as it used to. You are still wearing your former cloths, the one you used to wear when you were single. I can't believe that I allowed my beautiful Baby to marry a poor man."

"Nobody knew that he will turn out to be like this, though we saw the sign then, but we thought that he will be smart enough"

"Hmm, I heard that Nduka, Mazi Odogwu's son is back?"

"Yes, he even came to the house the other day to meet with Ugonna. They are very good friends, according to my husband."

"Are you serious?" Nneoma asked in a cheerful........continue to read the END .

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