My Sugar Baby - Episode 20 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Dimma's Dish was becoming popular in the town.
Her business kept booming day by day..... She never stopped giving God the glory.
Ugonna was having difficulties in his own, after most of his customers diverted to Dimma's Dish.
They were happy seeing Dimma back to business again. Her restaurant had most of the comfort you can find in any modern restaurant, with fitted air conditioners, thanks to her customers and friends who supported her. She brought the taste of the city life to the village and at same time, selling her food at a very affordable rate, coupled with the yummy taste of her delicacies.
With all these, her restaurant became the most talked about in the town

All Ugonna's effort to ruin her business were abortive. There was no way he could get a proof.

He wanted to do it by setting Jide and Dimma up, but things did not go well for him, he couldn't come up with any tangible plan to carry out the task. Continue...

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