My Sugar Baby - Episode 19 by Ngozi Lovelyn

And Dimma continued praying.

'Lord please, don't allow him to stop this business just like he stopped me from writing my JAMB exam by getting me arrested for a crime I knew nothing about" And remembering that incident, she paused, to allow her tears to passed out freely from her heart. And she continued.

Then, Mrs Edith couldn't help but start feeling for her. She asked for them to leave.

While they were leaving, she felt a need for her to stop and have a chat with Dimma. She then asked the workers to leave, that she will be with them later and they left. She stood by the corner watching Dimma who was praying, pouring all her heart to God.

After she finished praying, on raising her head up, she saw Mrs Edith Offor who was giving her a faint smile.

"Oh! Good afternoon Ma. I didn't know you are here"

"How would you know when you were deep down in the spirit."

"I was only dedicating the place to God, for him to take absolute control. I will be starting on Monday."

"Oh, I see"

"Yes. And please Ma, pardon me that I haven't come to thank you specially for how God used you and your husband to bring smiles into my life again."

"It's nothing my dear. And speaking of that, I heard things you said about your brother when you were praying, may I know why?"

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