My Sugar Baby - Episode 16 by Ngozi Lovelyn

When Dimma returned in the evening, her mother informed her that Ugonna requested her to see him once she returns.
She said OK and headed to her room.
Ugonna heard when she returned and also heard the mother giving her the message, he then began expecting her in his room.
1hour later, he was still expecting her, but no sound was heard from her.

"What's still keeping her or is she expecting me to come to her room instead? Hmm, that girl sef, she is so stubborn. She loves challenging me, she has forgotten completely that I'm her elder brother, that I deserve some respect. Let me give her few more minutes to show up here"
Ngozi was also listening to hear when Dimma will be entering Ugonna's room, but no sound was heard.
"Does it mean she did not hear the message I gave her?" She asked entering inside, to Dimma's room. She found her writing something.

"Dimma, have you answered your brother?"

"I will answer him" she replied

"You will answer him, but you are still here?"

But Dimma ignored her and continued doing what she was doing. Continue

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