My Sugar Baby - Episode 14 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Ngozi hurriedly went to the eldest member of her husband's family and narrated what happened to him.

"Are you sure of what you are saying? I can't believe that Ugonna would do such a thing to his own sister. I don't believe that, it's certainly not possible"

"It's what happened, I'm short of words myself. I'm even ashamed telling somebody that my own son got his own blood sister arrested based on a fabricated story. Please, I need you to help me get her released. I don't want my daughter to spend any more minute in that police station"

"If my brother were to be alive to see his son this moment, he will skin him alive. Who doesn't know how sweet and hardworking Dimma is, she won't fall to that level, certainly not an armed robber. Don't worry, let me wear my cloth and inform my brother. Dimma needs to leave that place with immediate effect" Dee Ikenna assured, entering inside to get dressed. Continue

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