Lagos police beg drug peddlers to come and claim their bags of weed

The Lagos police command has appealed to drug peddlers in the state to come claim their bags of weed, the police command said the bags of weed has not been claimed since there last raid and they are kindly asking anybody whose bag of weed is missing to come down to there office and claim it.

This may just be a way of the police command telling people involved in weed business that they are wanted indirectly.

On Twitter, the Lagos police command wrote;

    These items have still not been claimed since our last raid. Pls if your bag of cannabis (weed) is missing or you know anyone whose bag of weed is missing, kindly ask them to come down to our office and claim it. Thanks

Here’s how Nigerians are already reacting to the report;

    After you finish raiding me & didn’t see me to catch you are now kindly asking me to come down to your office to claim my bag of Cannabis.

    Orì è gbà ilè abi? 😂😂

    How many percent will you give me if I blow the whistle on the real owner??? Put that in writing and we may have a deal 😁

    So me I will na really enter bus nd go nd claim weed shey…My village pple hv used my brain to cook banga soup

    How is cannabis illegal and nicotine filled cigarette is legal? Do a survey and find out which of them has taken more lives! !! If u must ban cannabis, also do that to cigarette that’s all I’m saying . It’s like praising apc and calling pdp criminals. … *thinking out loud*

    I think it’s time NDLEA,NAFDAC, ministry of health and our legislators come out with a clean bill of health concerning marijuana use and control, me I no dey smoke but other nation’s are using it quite well for medicinals purposes.

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