I re-married because I haven’t seen my children for years – Tboss Dad

News went round earlier today that Engr. Idowu, who is the Dad of ex Big Brother Naija contestant Tboss, got wedded over the weekend.

A lot of Nigerians, in their reaction to the story, mentioned that they didn’t know the man is divorced from his wife and wondered why he would get married when he has grown up children already.

The man has however given the explanation on why he took the action and according to him, Tboss and her other siblings have deserted his home and that the last time he set his eyes on them was in 2016.

He however mentioned that it is not good for a man to be alone. Hence the decision to remarry.

Read his statement below:

    Ordinarily, I really wouldn’t like to make any comment here knowing how petty and unreasonable most Nigerians are. I am neither a politician, a business mogul nor money ritualist. I am just a humble, comfortable old man. There was never a time I bragged of my wealth.
    And I have been a devoted and honest civil servant all my life. So, are Nigerians celebrating wealth or honesty? I am proud that I served my country faithfully and with integrity. I never took one kobo bribe as a Civil Servant and as a lecturer I never took one Kobo for blocking.
    Those Nigerians jeering at my simplicity should cover their heads with shame. TBoss and her siblings have their lives and certainly without me. I never asked TBoss for one Kobo and I have never seen Wendy for over 13years though she visits Nigeria regularly in the past 10yrs from Romania.
    The last time I saw Tokunbor(TBoss) was in August 2016. Their mother left me on good grounds in 2006. Even God found out that it was not proper for man ( Adam) to live alone so He created Eve to be Adam’s companion. So, what’s wrong in having a devoted and understanding companion as wife even at my old age?

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