House help sets her Madam's children ablaze for no reason (photos)

 Mind the way you treat your maids because your actions might be awakening the demons in them and your children will be the principal targets. They will be transferring their angers on them. If you can't deal with house helps wahala, better not get one. According to the person who shared the heart touching story on social media, this little boy was set ablaze by their house help for no just reason.
He wrote..

"May be its time to talk about this. About three weeks ago, my two little cousins met a near fatal fate as their house help, set them ablaze for no concrete reason.
My boy Ekene and his brother Ebuka fought hard. This night, around 1am, news reached us that Ekene has lost the battle. Ebuka is still fighting on. Please pray for my boy Ebuka.

This is all he wrote, he didn't give further details about the house help.
May the soul of Ekene rest in peace, Amen. And Lord please, grant little Ebuka quick recovery.

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