Here is the ‘Juju’ Oba of Benin used to revoke curses at the palace yesterday

The Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare 11, yesterday placed a curse on people engaged in human trafficking in Edo state.

Others that were cursed by the Monarch are the native doctors who administer oath of secrecy on victims. The Oba and his palace chiefs asserted that the gods of Benin Kingdom would destroy those involved in the illicit trade.

The traditional Palace Juju ‘Ososomaye’ of Great Benin kingdom was reportedly brought out for the first time yesterday to face the sun in the presence of all Palace chiefs, native doctors and women leaders who witnessed the traditional occasion.

According to reports, the last time the Ososomaye was brought out into the open was about 400 years ago. And according to the tradition of the Benin Kingdom, anytime the Ososomaye sees the sun, it does not fail to carry out any assignment it is deployed to run. It is reported that anyone that suffers from the curse of the Ososomaye will not only be affected but his generations will also be jinxed.

Tradition has it that the last time it was deployed and brought out to see the sun was during the reign of Oba Ewuare 1.

The ‘Ososomaye’ is what all the spiritual heads in Edo kingdom report to.

The Osososmaye was paraded before the Kings and the Place chiefs in the presence of the media. The Oba of Benin then revoked the curses placed on victims of human trafficking; while curses were placed on human traffickers, cultists and cult activities and land grabbers in Benin kingdom henceforth.
According to reports, Edo state tops the list of the states within the country with the highest rate of human trafficking. Victims are subjected to all sorts of rituals and oaths and curses are sometimes place on them if they renege on the agreement they have with the trafficker.

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