Woman divorced 1 year of marriage after snatching her best friend's husband

In 2017, news went viral, it was about the marriage of a Zambian teacher, Patricia Mwelwa, who allegedly snatched the rich husband of her friend. The marriage has just hit the rock as the man has allegedly abandoned the husband snatcher and returned to his wife.

The highly publicized wedding that caught many people’s attention after her then husband-to-be, surprised her with a brand new Range Rover, didn’t even last for more than a year.

According to Zambianwatchdog, a divorce certificate dated 12th February 2018, has been issued and delivered to the husband snatcher.

Davies has since taken the Range Rover back to his first wife and claims the entire episode was a mistake. He has since reconciled with his first wife and family.

It was widely reported in the year 2017 that Davies Mukumbwa left his wife and threw a big kitchen party for his girlfriend, Patricia Mwelwa, who coincidentally happened to be his wife’s best friend. The kitchen party was then followed by an elaborate wedding that shook the entire social media in the country.

According to reports Davies Mukumbwa and his wife had been having issues in their home and being the best friend of the woman, she had taken the decision to confide in her friend. It was even reported that the husband snatcher was a regular visitor in their home and she would always come in the disguise of mediating in the marital crisis that rocked her best friend’s home.

It came as a shock to the wife of the man as she came across the photos of her husband and her best friend across the social media when he hosted her too a lavish party, just some few weeks before the wedding.

She was eventually served a divorced paper at  the Lusaka Local Court after the wedding.

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