Nonsense Mistake - Episode 19 (The End) by Ngozi Lovelyn

"Oluchi, I will show you today that you are nothing but a fool. You sent some guys to track my movement, abi? No wahala. This is my game and it will go according to my plans" Ofoma said in his heart, controlling the steering.

But before the men could know what was happening, they lost him.

So instead of telling Oluchi about it, they kept it to themselves so that she won't start bugging them to look for him and besides, she had already balanced them their remaining money that morning with hope that nothing would get in her way again.

The time she was calling Ofoma on the phone to come and get ready, he and Chidimma were already in the church having their wedding. And she was getting worried.

9:40 am, Ofoma had not been seen.

Oluchi was no longer herself, she became anxiously desperate.

"What is going on? And he is not answering his calls? What is really happening?" She feared, continued calling him.

Thinking of how humiliated she will be and broken if Ofoma didn't show up for the wedding, she became more desperate.

She then called the men... Continue below

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