My Sugar Baby - Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn

When Dimma was trying to explain further, Diogor arrived the place.
She found Ugonna standing very close to his sister.
"I know she will try every means to make sure she get her way, I must stop her. Ugonna is all I got, she should rather disturb her own boyfriend and leave mine alone." She fumed in her heart, walking very close to them.

"Baby" she called, tapping him from behind.

On turning around, he said "Oh you are here?"

"Yes Baby, you asked me to come to the restaurant, right?"

"Yes...yes" he said and began dipping his hand in his pocket to bring out the money, but Diogor stopped him and whispered to his ear: "Not in her presence, can you come with me?" And he followed her.

When they reached to a spot away from the restaurant, she began advising him to stop giving her money in the presence of his sister, so that she won't start fighting against her.
"Don't you know that she might team up with your mother to put an obstacle to our relationship? She might start thinking something else if she sees you giving me money"

"You might have a point, but I know my sister, she can't do a thing like that"..........

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