My Sugar Baby - Episode 13 by Ngozi Lovelyn

When Ngozi returned with the carpenter, Dimma was no longer in the house.
She found the door unlocked.

"Ow, she is no longer here, seems she has left. But how did she managed to to get out? The door was properly opened." She said and then looked at the carpenter man she brought to help open the door.

"ERM, the..the.....the.....door is open now, looks like someone opened it. I'm sorry that I brought you here for nothing. I have just wasted your time, I'm sorry"

"Hmm, not to worry, but next time, if you have any job that falls to my skills, please don't hesitate to call me"

"Off course I will." Ngozi assured.

And the carpenter left.

Ngozi was still wondering how Dimma left the house.
"Did Ugonna finally opened the door for her? Let me call her to know what happened?" She then began dialing Dimma's number, but no response.

"Maybe she is already in the exam hall, and I shouldn't be disturbing her" she said and began dialing Ugonna's number.

"Hello Mama"

"Yes my son, I'm glad you finally listened to the voice of reason. When Dimma return from her exam, we will come together as a family and put an end to this fuse once and for all. Siblings shouldn't be behaving like this with each other. And........."

"Mama" Ugonna interrupted

"Yes, my son, I am here"continue below

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