My Sugar Baby - Episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn

"Dear Lord! Not again?" Ngozi screamed, rushing out from her room.

"What is it again this morning?" She asked trying to enter Diogor's room

"Mama, is that you?" Diogor asked

"Yes my daughter, what is it again this morning? Open the door first" she requested.

"Mama, is it not Ugonna, he locked me inside, demanding that I give him his money otherwise I won't go anywhere today"

"What? What all this nonsense about?" She angrily walked to Ugonna's room, but couldn't find him there.

She then went to the sit out and saw him polishing his shoes.

"Ugonna, what is the meaning of this? Why did you lock your sister inside the room? Don't you know she has exam to write today"

"Mama, you are here to question me again, right? I told you to question your armed robber of a daughter last night and persuade her to return my money that she stole from my restaurant but you didn't. And you are here questioning me on why I'm taking actions by myself. See, I have not even started and I don't care if she writes the exam or not, what I'm interested in now is "my money" continue

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