Man beats and kicks his pregnant wife over gambling issues

A 4 month pregnant woman is currently suffering from domestic violence in her home. The husband is alleged to have beaten and brutalized her over his gambling habits.

According to the woman, she has been in the marriage for about 3 years now and the abuse started immediately after the marriage. The worst came jut yesterday evening when she tried to scold him about his addition to gambling and the man wouldn’t take any of that.

He resorted to another round of battering and the woman who sustained injuries in various parts of her body has cried out for help.

In her conversation she had with a human rights activist identified as Emeka Ugwuonye, she even mentioned that the husband tried to kick her twice in her stomach, with the intent to destroy her pregnancy. But fortunately for her, she was able to dodge the kick.

She even showed off the knife which he allegedly used on her.

The human right activist however assured her that the man will be arrested by police this morning, but she seemed to be scared about her life and asked what will happen if he killed her before the next morning.

Below are the screenshots of the conversation she had with Human Rights activist, Emeka Ugwuonye‎.

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