Jealous boyfriend beats up girlfriend because he feared her ex had a bigger penis

A jealous boyfriend identified as Nathan Galvin, who reportedly attacked his girlfriend of 10 months after they attended a school function where one of her ex-partners was also in attendance, has been before a Canterbury Crown Court.

It was gathered that the jealous boyfriend got upset and wanted to know whether the former partner had a bigger penis and gave her more pleasure in bed, which made him grab his girlfriend’s hair, pulling out some.

The Judge at Canterbury Crown Court was also told that 8 days later, Galvin made similar remarks during an argument following another visit to the school, which left his girlfriend’s body covered “from head to toe” in bruises following a 20 minutes assault.

Metro reported that she pleaded for him to stop telling him she ‘can’t breathe’, but he continued his assault and told her he would ‘kick her across the kitchen’ if she passed out.

The assault which took place with his girlfriend’s two children in the house, ended when a neighbour came to help after hearing her pleas.

Galvin who had already bagged a three years jail sentence before looking across to the public gallery and making a gun gesture with his fingers to his crying victim, was given an extra four months for contempt of court just15 minutes later after he was hauled back.

The Judge who was told that 29-year-old Galvin is a danger to women after hearing that four previous lovers and his sister had fallen victim to his violent tendencies, told him before his sentencing;

     “You are a man who has significant problems with women, and a danger to society.

    On these occasions you lost control on reality and the assaults on this woman were prolonged and disgraceful.”

Galvin has eight previous assault convictions including four against previous partners and two on his sister. He is banned for life from going near his ex-girlfriend or her home.

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