Choi! See what Jim Iyke replied follower who said his “Gucci shoes” are fake

Yesterday, Nollywood Actor Jim Iyke shared photos of him looking stunning, rocking a Gucci shoe, and one of his followers felt the need to drag him, and involve hushpuppi in it.

The follower wrote; “Fake Gucci shoe. Ask @hushpuppi to show you correct and original #Guccishoes.”

Jim responded:
 “Nothing in the world will ever be beautiful to you. Not your wife, child, parents or friends. YOU’RE UGLY INSIDE OUT. It’s not about me. YOU WERE CREATED TO EDIFY EVERYTHING UGLY IN THIS WORLD. NOTHING ON EARTH CAN REDEEM YOU. STAY UGLY”.

That’s not all, another follower, empress, told him with authotity, “go marry naw, with all this swag, go marry joor”

And his response
“Take away the stumpy footballer legs, the double chin, the beer belly, the humongous chimp head, the beady eyes, the cheap clothes, the poisonous attitude, broke pockets, non existent neck, body odour, 34 IQ, Dragon breath, constant depression and zero prospects maybe just maybe I might make a move for you and get it over with as 2nd wife then keh myself the next week”.

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