R. Kelly isn't going to jail because his victims are not white’ – Angry father speaks on his s*x cult

According to the father of one of R. Kelly’s young girlfriends, the Chicago singer is getting away with his alleged sex cult because the girls being victimized are black, and if he was dating young white girls, he would be going to jail for his actions.

TMZ spoke with father Angelo Clary, who’s 20-year-old daughter, Azriel Clary, is one of R. Kelly’s alleged victims of his so-called sex cult.
Mr. Clary says he’s baffled that R. Kelly isn’t getting the same ridicule as Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein, and that he believes that race is the only explanation for it.

Mr. Clary says Azriel was 17 when she first met R. Kelly to discuss her music career.

He says that he, and Azriel’s mother were there as well but claims when they weren’t looking the singer slipped Azriel his phone number.

Shortly after that, she moved in with the R&B singer, and Angelo hasn’t seen his daughter since. He apparently last spoke to her about 8 months ago.

Sadly, Mr. Clary might be right with his statement about Kellz’ girlfriends being black, and if they were white something might’ve been done by now. However, since the girls are over 18, and aren’t complaining about being held against their will, police say there’s nothing they can do.

A couple months ago, another victim’s family of Joycelyn Savage also accused R Kelly of cutting them off from their daughter, saying that they too haven’t spoken to her in months.

Angelo says police told him there’s nothing they can do unless Azriel claims she’s being held against her will.

She has since debunked those claims, and lashed out at her father for “embarrassing” her, but the parents believe she’s being influenced by R. Kelly.

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