OK o! Another Nigerian lady proposed to her man in public, and this happened


So, another Nigerian lady had the guts to propose to her man in public after the embarrassment the other lady received last week when she proposed to her man at ICM.

Yesterday, a lady gots a big “No” at E-center, Lagos when she proposed to her man. Or, could this be a stunt.

Twitter user, @kaybuoi who was at the venue shared a video and wrote;

    “So another lady proposed to a guy this time at E-center”

Another Twitter user, @mayorjohn38 shared a video from the venue and wrote;

    “So I was sitting down jejeli having a bottle of Heineken after a long day. I was just then hearing noise behind me. It turns out a girl proposed to a guy and he said no! I think this movie shit should stop right here. Re u people mad?”

See some reactions from Twitter below..

    “I duno know what to say mehn. If he really wanted to be with you, he would have proposed. Please ladies try this at your own risk”

    “These ladies don’t learn at all. Height of desperation”

    “aren’t you guys the same prople whotell us to be confident enough to shoot our shots?”

    “This is not even funny anymore … Ladies why go through all this stress??πŸ˜‚.. If a man wants you .. He w’d propose to you.”

    “But when they turn down the guy… I don’t see them hug him and gently say no😭

    “It’s all about doing the right thing, not payback for what someone somewhere did to another person, public proposals are mostly for show sef”

    “All ladies are meant to do laslas is ‘drop hints’ not propose..”

    “We haven’t even finished acting it in movies and we’re trying it live”

    “Ahhh this is painful!!!”

    “I will hold me o! Which one is “why are you holding me ” πŸ™„πŸ™„”

    If he doesn’t collect the ring, I will beat him there πŸ˜’ Mtchewww

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭this one is loud shaaaaaaaaa.”

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