Nonsense Mistake - Episode 9 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Just come on in" he said, as Oluchi continued walking inside with her bag.
After they sat down in the sitting room, Ofoma began asking her what she was doing in the city.

"Hmm, what lie am I going to tell him now so that he won't suspect my intentions? I don't want him to think that my coming here was based on a selfish reason. OK, I think I will use the job issue" She thought clearing her throat, to answer Ofoma.
"You see, ever since I left the city, I haven't gotten any reasonable job. I was receiving little penny in the one I was managing until recently, they mashed me with a sack letter without any tangible reason. So I have come here in search of greener pastures. And please, I am sorry that I came to your place without requesting for four permission first, just that I don't have anyone here in the city. My only best friend, Chidimma did not even allow me enter her house. I don't know why she treated me so baldly like that. She was insinuating that, I have come to take her man away, but that is not true, Ofoma"

"Wait a minute! You mean Chidimma did not allow you into her house, but I thought you two are best friends?"

"So I thought, until today. You needed to see the way she pushed me away when I was making entrance, thinking that she was only joking. So that's why I came here. Please Ofoma, allow me stay here for tonight, I will leave first thing tomorrow morning, I promise. I know that I shouldn't have come here because of my friend, before she hurts me, thinking that I came to snatch you away. But I'm sorry to say this, her action was so childish. She should have trusted you enough to know that you can't do anything of such nature. You too will be getting married in few weeks time and she still not trust you? Naa, that is so bad of her. Every marriage should centre on trust, and when trust is not there, there bound to be problems in the future. She now sees me as her enemy because she didn't trust you... So bad" she said, looking at Ofoma, to know how he was reacting.

And Ofoma released a faint smile. As he was about to say something, the door bell rang.
"Onyeka, go and check who is at the  door." He instructed the young boy who was his apprentice.

"Who is there?" He asked

"Onyeka, open the door. It's me" on recognizing the voice, Onyeka then opened the door..

"Good evening Anty?" He greeted, and Chidimma hummed a response, entering inside.

On reaching the living room, she was shocked to see that Oluchi had made her way into Ofoma's house.
"What is she doing here? So Oluchi, you are so bent on destroying my relationship?" 

"You see what I have been trying to explain to you?" She asked looking at Ofoma, who stood to welcome Chidimma, but he was ignored. Chidimma was serious, confronting Oluchi on what she was doing at Ofoma's house. 
And Oluchi continued: "Chidimma, don't be so childish. You said you will be getting married to Ofoma, then learn to trust him. Otherwise, your marriage will be in the state of mercy. You asked me to leave your house, pushing me away, with the fear that"..

"Enough ladies... I said enough now" Ofoma interrupted them.
He then, faced Chidimma and began scolding her calmly: "Honey, you are too smart for this kind of thing. You came to my house and began insulting my guest, why? That's uncalled for... I don't expect you to fall this low"

The way he sounded irked Chidimma and she cut in: "Is that why you have refused to answer my calls? I should have known you still have feelings for her."

"What is your problem? Why making baseless assumptions? Off course, I didn't know my phone was ringing, trust me." 

"But Baby, you shouldn't have allowed her into your house, she came to ruin our marriage before it even began. You shouldn't allow her here. You didn't know all she said when she came to my house earlier"

"There you go again! Can you please wait for me in the bedroom, please?" Ofoma asked, sounding uninterested to what she was trying to say.

"Baby you need to hear me out" Chidimma continued

"I said go inside! Ah ah, can't you understand simple instruction?" Ofoma ordered

And the way he reacted gladdened Oluchi's heart.
"Wow! This shows that there love is not that strong. Ofoma never treated me this way, he had always placed my feelings first above his. It proves that I still have a good chance of luring him back to my life. Chidimma, I told you that no woman would take my place in Ofoma's life, but you wouldn't listen. Now, you are seeing the evidence" she said in her heart.

And Chidimma angrily went inside.

"Sorry about that, and don't take her outburst seriously" Ofoma sought for pardon on behalf of Chidimma..

"No, it's nothing. I didn't find any offense in all she said"

"Good.... Oh! Please forgive my manners. I forgot to offer you something. What would you care for?" Ofoma asked, looking at Oluchi, as a bit happiness smoothened his heart, he truly missed her a lot.

"Umm, anything would do" she replied, smiling faintly.

"Hmm, I still remember your favorite. I will get it for you right away" Ofoma said, as he went to get her a drink.

When he entered his room to bring his phone, Chidimma agitatedly arose from the bed, asking him if Oluchi had left.

"No, I just offered her something to drink" Ofoma calmly replied

"Baby, that woman has overstayed her welcome, I will go in there and push her out of this house" 

"You wouldn't dare try such a thing. What has come over you? I thought that lady is your best friend?"

"Yes, but she has ceased to remain my friend after all she said to me. So if you are not pushing her away, then you will watch me do that"

"Listen here, if you can't condone Oluchi's presence, you better leave and come back next time. I don't want to see you in this ugly mood again. Enough of this nonsense, will you?" he said, looking mean as he returned to the living room with his phone.

To be continued...

Nonsense Mistake by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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