Nonsense Mistake - Episode 8 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When she got to the address Zuby gave to her, her face widened in amazement looking at the structure that was erected in front of her.

"Wait a minute! Is Zuby sure of the address he sent to me? Because, Ofoma that I know is not that rich to live in this kind of expensive apartment. Let me call him now just to be sure before entering inside." she began dialing Zuby's number.
"Hello Zuby, are you sure you gave me the correct address? Because the house I'm seeing here" She began describing the house

"Yes, that's the house. Just knock on the gate, the gatekeeper will open for you. Ofoma stays in flat 2 back."

"Oh wow!" She said silently so that Zuby wouldn't know what she was feeling
"OK Zuby, I will knock on the gate now. Thank you" she appreciated

"You are welcome" Zuby acknowledged

When she reached Ofoma's flat, she pressed the door bell.
"Yes I am here now, I am so happy to see you again my love, and I know you will be happy to see me too." She said to herself, resetting her hair, making sure she was looking pretty.

And a young boy of 17 years asked who was knocking on the door.

"Is that his voice? No, I don't think so" she said, hoping to see who was about opening the door for her

"Please, open. It's me, Oluchi" she replied in a sweet calm voice
And the boy opened.

"Hello dear, please is Ofoma in?"

"Yes, but who are you?" The young boy asked

"My name is Oluchi. Just tell him that Oluchi is here" she said with a faint smile

And the boy went to call Ofoma.

Chidimma was boiling in anger on Oluchi's outright confrontation.
"Can you imagine her audacity to confront me about Ofoma, asking me to step aside? Who does she think she is? I even forgot to call Ofoma and inform him about this. But on a serious note, am I supposed to get worried? What will be Ofoma's reaction when he sees her? Though we are already engaged, but he never denied missing her. Oh Lord, should I get worried? Oluchi was right, Ofoma truly loved her. He still has good reservation for her in his heart. Did I made a mistake when I accepted to date him knowing quite well that he still missed her alot? How sure am I that, Ofoma did not use me as a bait to get Oluchi back into his life again? He knew quite well that if he starts dating me, Oluchi would get jealous and might decide to come back. Dear Lord, I should have thought about all these before accepting to have him in my life..." She paused, as sudden rain of sweats fell on her. And continued
"I think I should call Ofoma now and inform him that Oluchi is in town." She tried dialing his number and then a thought crawled in.
"Is it wise to tell him? Off course he would want to see her again and who knows what will happen next. I don't want to loose him. I better not tell him anything about this, because Oluchi doesn't know where he is living now and I remembered her telling me that, she deleted Ofoma's number from her phone contact. I don't have to tell him anything and since our fixed date is getting closer, I will make sure that things does not come in the way and obstruct our plans. See how Oluchi, who happens to be my girlfriend has proving to be my enemy, but I will not allow her to succeed. I will call Ofoma now to know if Oluchi somehow contacted him, just to know my next step of action."
And she began dialing.

The phone rang, but no response.
"He is not answering, what's the problem? Are you sure Oluchi is not there?.... No, it's not possible, there is no way she could figure out his new apartment. Maybe, he is in the bathroom or somewhere else. Let me continue calling" She feared, continued dialing.

Ofoma was away from his phone, he left to answer the door.

On sighting Oluchi, he exclaimed" "Who am I seeing? Oluchi, is that you? Of my God"
He approached as they hugged tightly.
Oluchi was smiling in joy, looking at Ofoma.

"Come inside...... Come inside....." Ofoma requested

And Oluchi said "Thank you" continued smiling, drawing her bag inside.

"Wow! I can't believe that I will ever set my eyes on you again. Happy to see you again"

"Wait a minute, did I hear correctly? He said "believe" instead of "berieve"? Maybe, I didn't hear him right." She said in her heart and then replied what he said:
"Me too oo, I am so happy to see you again"

"Wow, so when did you arrive the city?" He asked looking straight into her eyes
And then Oluchi realised that Ofoma was no longer the Ofoma she used to know.
She was brimmed in joy that she met Ofoma a new and better person.
He had turned into the kind of man she had always wanted him to be.

To be continued.

Nonsense Mistake by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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