Nonsense Mistake - Episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"So your main reason for coming here is to renew your relationship with Ofoma, knowing quite well that we are engaged?"

"Yes, you are getting my point... You are wise for using the word, " renew" Oluchi, replied, looking boastful

"Oluchi, you are crazy! I said you are crazy! Stop dreaming because Ofoma won't even look at you twice.  He has moved on with his life. And besides, we will be getting married soon."

And Oluchi laughing mockingly, clapping her hands.
"Listen girl, you are saying this because Ofoma hasn't seen me yet. Don't reach that decision yet until he set his eyes on me again. Ofoma only has eyes for me. His love is only for me, he is only managing you because I'm no longer there in his life. Things will change the moment he sees me."

"Oluchi, you are being delirious. You think Ofoma will have the stomach to have you again after all you did to him?"

"Yes, but don't worry, he will change his mind the moment he sees me. That guy loves me so much. He can't leave without me. I know that I treated him baldly, so that's why I have come to beg him to forgive me and accept me back into his life, which I'm sure he will"

"Oluchi, I now realised that you did not come in peace. Can you now please, leave my house?" Chidimma asked, looking serious, stretching her right hand to the door

"Ow, I shouldn't have acted so fast. I shouldn't have made her known my reason for coming to the city until I collect Ofoma's number from her"
She said in her heart.

"Oluchi, I said leave my house!" Chidimma roared

"Come on friend, you shouldn't act like that. It hasn't come to that naa"

"Get out... I said get out or do you want me to push you?" Chidimma continued

Seeing that she was serious, Oluchi then carried her bag and left.

"I made a mistake.. Now, how do I get his number" she began thinking hard and then remembered Ofoma's close friend.
"Yesss..... Zuby, I just hope his number is still here.... Let me" she said, checking her phone contacts and luckily for her, she saw the number she was looking for.

She began dialing..

"Hello, who is this?" Zuby asked

"Ah ah....Zuby, you don't have my number again?" She sounded friendly

"Who is this exactly?" Zuby asked, trying to recollect the voice.

"OK, it's Oluchi, Ofoma's former girl"

"Oh oh.. Olu, is that you?"

"It's me oo"

"Olu, you no try oo. I dey tell you, you no try at all. So you left my friend after everything you guys went throug?"

"Hmm, some days are like that. But he is happy with my friend and they will be getting married soon."

"Yes...... I'm happy for him"  Zuby said

"Yes oo, I'm happy for him too. He got the best. I can't wait for them to get married." She said, sounding so calm, pretending to be happy for her friend just to get what she was looking for from Zuby.

"Yes.... He is so happy about it"

"That's good to hear. Zuby eh, there is something I would like to get from you. I am at my friend's place and was told that she went to Ofoma's place. And I have tried calling her, but her number wasn't reachable. Can you please give me Ofoma's new address? So that I can meet her there. There is something I need to get from her and I also want to use the opportunity to patch things up with Ofoma so that he will forgive me, I don't want us to remain enemies since he will be getting married to my best friend"

"Do you mean you are in town?"

"Yes, just entered, but will be leaving soon. I only came to collect something" she said and then said in her heart. "No Zuby, I have come to stay forever, to claim what rightfully belongs to me."

Having played that part well, Zuby quickly agreed to send her the address without thinking anything.

"Which means, I won't have the honour of seeing you again. You know I got eyes for you then, just that, you were serious with my friend. But since you two are no longer together, can't I have the honour of sharing your life with you?" Zuby asked

"Zuby, can we talk about that later? I need to see Chidimma now, I don't have much time, please" Oluchi requested

"OK, will send the address now."

"Thank you so much" she appreciated
3 minutes later, her phone beeped and it was the address.

And she immediately stopped a bike, straight to Ofoma's house.
"My love, I am coming for you. I know you still love me... But wait a minute, I haven't thought of a plan to push my way into Ofoma's heart again. Anyway, I know what to do" she said in her heart, sitting on the bike as the rider conveyed her to Ofoma's residence.

To be continued.

Nonsense Mistake by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, copied, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without permission from the author.

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