Nonsense Mistake - Episode 5 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

The next day, Oluchi was rushing to leave, Chidimma advised her that what she was about doing wasn't good.

"This is inhuman! After all the things that man has done for you, after all the sacrifices, you still have the guts to betray him like this? Don't be so selfish, my dear friend, don't be an ingrate. Consider him, Oluchi. His issue is just a minor thing, you can tush him up, you can help him to change, I am sure he will be willing to learn."

"Chidimma, I don't know when you finally became a counsellor. But like I said, marriage should be base on love and anything apart from that, you count me off. I need to get out from here before Ofoma storm in on me. Just tell him that, I am wishing him success in all his endeavors" she said, carrying her bag and left in a hurry.

Not up to 4 minutes she left, Ofoma arrived.

"Oluchi, thank God you finally changed your mind. You don't have to break up with him" Chidimma said, opening the door, thinking that Oluchi was the one knocking.

"Ow, Mr Ofoma, you are here? Good morning?" She greeted.

But Ofoma stood for some seconds, giving her a questioning look and then asked "Bleak up with who?"

"Um Mr Ofoma, can you come inside please, you don't have to stand on the door."

"Where is Oluchi?" He asked, looking serious.

"Mr Ofoma, can you please come inside?" She continued..

"I demand to know where she is light now, did she reave the city? Chidimma, I demand you tell me the tluth at once" he requested, feeling tensed.

"See Mr Ofoma, in life, things can not always go the way we wanted and that does not mean the world has ended. There is always a bright side to every challenges. Only God knows why things are going..........."

"Chidimma, I'm not in for this rong talks light now" He interrupted her

"Hmm, I'm sorry that I'm telling you this now but, Oluchi has left the city, she just left and did not give me any clue to where she was going. She gave a message that she is sorry for everything, that she will forever remain grateful for all the things you did for her, just that she can't marry you, that she does not love you that much to be your wife"

"Chidimma, you are not saying the tluth, Oluchi can not possibry do this to me. She rove me so much and won't think of hurting my feerings."

"I am sorry Mr Ofoma, but the earlier you accept the truth, the better for you. Oluchi is no more in your life, so you just have to move on." She said, feeling sorry for him.

"I don't berieve you, Oluchi can't do this to me. Ret me call her light now" he said, began dialing her number.

"Ofoma, I am on my way to a place where you will not be able to see me again. It's time you move on with your life and forget everything about me. And please, don't call my line again. Goodbye forever." She then ended the call to his ear.

And on hearing that, Ofoma broke into tears and left himself on the floor.

"This can't be tlue, It can't be! After evelything we shared, after all I have done for her, this is how she chose to reward me?"

He wept bitterly, making Chidimma to cry along with him.

"I understand your pain, Sir. But it's well.. Can you please come inside? Just come inside" Chidimma requested.

"No Chidimma, there is no point staying here, I have to leave." He said in a teary eyes and then left.
Ofoma felt bitter, he hated himself for loving Oluchi. He built his hopes round her and got his heart shattered. He resorted to consuming excessive alcohol to forget reality which almost cost him his life. But "time" been the ultimate healer, he was able to move on with his life and grabbed the notion of not "trusting any woman again".

After Oluchi left the city, she contacted Stanley Nduka, and their own love chapter began from there.
Stanley was educated, but he was falling below Oluchi's expectations. He doesn't care about her feelings. He does things as they pleased him without minding how she would feel or react. And that made Oluchi to blurt Ofoma's name on several occasions.
"He could have been my best love if only he had went to school and well coordinated. Just look at Stanley whom I thought would be better, but he turned out to be worse. He made love appear uninteresting. I better breakup with him instead of settling for worse."

One year after Oluchi broke up with Ofoma, she received a call from Chidimma, whom began gisting her about running into Ofoma.

"Guess who I saw today?" She asked


"Just guess first"

"OK, you saw your ex?"

And Chidimma laughed and said: "Upon all the people in the world, my ex is the one who crawled to your mind?"

"I don't know, he just came to my mind now. OK tell me who is it that you saw?" Oluchi requested

"I saw Ofoma today"

"Mtcheew!" Oluchi hissed loudly. "What's so special about seeing him?"

"Oluchi, that guy is really looking handsome. He is doing so well for himself. When we exchanged greetings, I saw another side of Ofoma. He was so calm and well coordinated. He looked charming" Chidimma narrated

"Chidimma, can we have another topic, please? I'm not in the mood to hear anything about that low life."

"You need to hear more. We also exchanged numbers. He asked for my number and I quickly gave it to him. Oluchi, if he ask me out, I will gladly accept him"

"Are you crazy! How can you go out with somebody like him?"

"Oluchi, there is nothing wrong with Ofoma. His only issue is that " L and R" stuff which I will help him work on"

"You must be crazy if you think that, that guy will be able to change. A pig will always remain a pig no matter how hard you wash it. And don't tell me you will be going out with my left over food"

"Your left over food might be some one's treasure. Just for your notice, if he ever asks me out, believe me, my answer will be "yes", I'm just telling you this now for you to know on time."

"Why is it sounding like you are asking for my permission? Are you guys dating already?" Oluchi asked

"No, but from the way he looked at me today, I have a feeling that soon, he will ask me out. I just pray so, because I will be willing to love him to the moon"

"I'm surprised you are falling for that thing, Chidimma. Come on girl! What's wrong with you. I don't want you to make the same mistake that I made. Ofoma is not the guy for learned ladies like us, you can't be proud with him"

"Oluchi, all I want is love. True love my dear, and Ofoma is the the type to give me that kind of love. See, I need to go now, we will talk again later" she said and then ended the call

"Huh! This girl is crazy! Well she should suit herself, who cares!"

Few months later, Chidimma and Ofoma began dating. When Oluchi heard about it, she felt a bit jealous but waved the feelings behind her.

2 years had passed, Oluchi was still struggling to find true love. Just in 2 years, she had dated 3 men and all left her heart broken.
The second guy she dated dumped her and got married to another woman. While the third one was already married, and when she found out, she felt devastated.
But when the fourth one began showing signs of taking her for granted, she began dipping herself in regrets.
On each passing day, she kept cursing herself for leaving Ofoma. Her heart felt pain each time she remembered how much Ofoma loved her, how proud he was having her, the amount of sacrifices he made for her.
"My happiness was always his priority, he was always ready to sacrifice his own happiness just for my sake. I was always the reason behind his every actions. Just for me to be happy and have a good life. Oh Lord, what have I done? Ofoma is my only love. If I had known that things would turn so ugly for me, I wouldn't have left him. Ofoma, can you ever forgive me?" She rhetoric, weeping silently.

When the fourth guy later left her, she then decided to return to Ofoma.
"I can't bear this heartbreaks anymore. No man would love me like him, he is the best. There is no difference between him and an Angel. I will go back, he will surely accept me back because his love for me will never die. And Chidimma, is time you step aside, because I'm coming to claim what rightfully belongs to me. You have been with him long enough, so it's time you move away from our lives. Should I call him now? Hmm.. No, I don't know how he will react, I rather give him a surprise visit. Ofoma is my love, he will be happy to have me back. I will tell him how sorry I am and make him forgive me..... Yes, that's what I should do. I need him back in my life. I am tired of heartbreaks. It was a nonsense mistake dumping him, so it's time I correct that mistake" She said, began making plans to visit Ofoma

To be continued..

Nonsense Mistake by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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 Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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