Nonsense Mistake: Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Oluchi was rejoicing over her breakup with Ofoma when a knock was heard on her door. She thought that it was her friend.

"Oh Chidimma is finally here, I will gist her how my break up with Ofoma went. It went smoothly as we never imagined"
And just then, Ofoma spoke up, asking her to open the door.

"Open the door my rove, I am here now to make you happy" he said, in a cheerful tone.

"What? Ofoma, what is he doing here? And from the sound of his voice, he is not feeling sad. Does it mean he has not read the text that I sent to him? No, I won't allow him inside, because if I do, getting him to leave will be very difficult" she soliloquises and then called Ofoma, asking him what he was doing there.

"Baby, are you lilly asking me that question? I came to be with you my rove. You were not happy when you reft, so I have come to cheer you up. Open the door and see what I bought for you, I'm sure you will rike it"

"Ofoma, did you read the message I sent to you?" Oluchi asked

"There was no point leading it because I alleady know what is inside. Just open the door and stop asking questions. And I'm no ronger comfortable with the way you are addlessing me by my actual name. Just open the door first"

"I won't open the door until you read the message." Oluchi insisted

"OK, I'm leading it now, I will lead it aroud for you to hear as well" Ofoma said, bringing out his phone from his pocket.: "So listen as I lead it now and as for standing me outside like this, I will make you beg me for forgiveness" he added as he scroll through his inbox.

"Now I lead, so risten" he said, staring through the contents and got shocked at what he read.

"Now, he is quiet. Lord, I just pray he accepts this in good fate." She prayed in her heart and then spoke up
"Please forgive me, Ofoma, I have been looking for a way to tell you that I'm no longer interested, please understand me, I don't love you anymore. It's no longer working between us, I think we are world apart."

"No, this can't be! Utom, I don't berieve you. Is it because of what happened this evening that you are wliting all these painful things? I was only tlying to plotect you flom that allogant man who was tlying to mess with you. Just open the door, we will discuss this like adults. You don't have to stand me outside here rike this, just open the door, preasse"

"Go home and don't come back again, it's over between us. I can't love you anymore"

"Prease stop this joke for once, you are scaling me. Do you want me to die here? How can you say that it's over between us?"

"I'm serious Ofoma, I can't open the door, just go home. I pray you find a better woman who truly deserves you, because I'm certainly not that type of girl. I know that you have done a lot for me and my family, I'm not denying that, I will forever remain grateful, but God is the only one who will reward you."

"Oluchi, are you being selious?"

"I'm sorry Ofoma, my mind is made up, I can't come back to you again as your lover"

"What is all this now? Oluchi, open this door, I demand you open this door this minute, you know I hate jokes."

"Even if you knock from now till tomorrow, I won't open the door, you hear me? So just go and forget everything about me. I am truly sorry, I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. God will surely bless you with a good woman who will make you happy for the rest of your life"

And then Ofoma realised that Oluchi was been serious.

"Oluchi, I won't stand for this joke, can you open this door so we can talk about this? I know I must have done something that you don't rike, just open the door and ter me all about it, I'm leady to change, tlust me"

"Aaarhhh! I have had it enough with this L and R issue, I don't want to hear it anymore" Oluchi irked and then angrily asked Ofoma to leave her house.
"Stop wasting your time Ofoma, and I won't talk to you again, please leave, I don't want to hear your voice again"

"Rook at this girl talking to me as if I'm nobody! Oluchi, open this door now or I bleak it down" he angrily raked

"He won't break it because it's an iron door. I won't talk to him again. He will leave when he gets tired of knocking. I better call Chidimma and inform her about what is happening so that she will hang in somewhere until Ofoma finally leaves.
She then picked her cell phone and began calling her friend.

"What, so you finally did it?" Chidimma asked

"I told you that I have made up my mind. Please I'm calling to tell you that he is still here, he is standing by the door, knocking. So it's better you hang around somewhere because I won't open the door for anyone until he leaves"

"Oluchi, he won't take this lightly. I pray things turn out peacefully" Chidimma wished and then ended the call.
"Oh Ofoma, sorry for your loss. You are a nice man and doesn't deserve this kind of treatment. I pray you find happiness" Chidimma wished

Ofoma was getting furious. He began reminiscing Oluchi's recent behaviors.
"It's now becoming crealer on why she has been getting unnecessaly angly on evely rittle thing. But Oluchi, I won't arrow you do this to me. Oluchi, risten to me and listen vely carefurry, I won't arrow you do this to me, you berong to me and to no one else. I will arrow you cool off this night, but tomollow, I will be back so we will start our wedding allagement. Over my dead body will I arrow you dump me for another man, that can never happen or else, my name will no ronger be Ofoma Ezenwata." He said and then banged hardly on the door, making Oluchi to shiver.

"Seems he has left.. But those words, they sounded like threatening words, was he serious? I know how furious Ofoma can be when angry, I shouldn't have given him this break up news now, I should have continued avoided him and make him get tired of me. I just pray he doesn't do anything stupid. It's better I travel out of town to allow things cool off. He will eventually get tired after searching the entire city without any hope of finding me. Yes, that's what I will do, before 7:15 am I'm already off." She concluded

Ofoma who received the most shocking news of his life couldn't believe himself anymore.
He was burning with rage, thinking on what to do to prevent Oluchi from having her way.
He then began reminiscing how his friends and brothers were mocking him for lavishing huge sums of money on Oluchi who was not yet his wife. On how they advised him to marry her first or get her pregnant before continuing sponsoring her education.
"No Oluchi, I won't appear rike a fool in flont of my fliends. I rove you Oluchi, and I will fight with the last dlop of my brood to make you mine folever. Can you imagine, after sponsoling her thlough her educational ploglams, she is now tering me that she can't continue being my woman? What nonsense! No Oluchi, things are not done that way, I lemembered spending my rast cards on you on sevelal occasions. Things are not done this way my dear, I plepared you to be my wife, and that has never changed. I will take what happened this night as nothing, that she was tired, but tomollow morning, before 7, I will storm her prace, so we will start making allangement for our wedding. Get plepared to have your name changed from Oluchi Olah to Oluchi Ezenwata.... Otua ka odi... I don't go back on my words." He boasted, determining to make her his wife forever.

Don't miss tomorrow's episode as the story advances to the main hit.

Nonsense mistake by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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