Nonsense Mistake - Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"I think this is my opportunity to let him know that I'm no longer interested in this relationship. Somehow, he will still find out, so It's better he starts getting that into his head now" she quickly thought and then looked at the young man who was standing boldly, looking at her with pride.

And in a feminine smiley manner, she collected the call card right in front of Ofoma. And then turned, began flagging down a bike.

And Ofoma who couldn't understand what happened stood agape, with his eyes wide open, looking at Oluchi whom she asked to tell the man that she was his wife.

"Oluchi, are you I thought I told you to tell him that you are my wife but you went ahead to correct the card flom him, but for what? Are you going to call him?"

But Oluchi ignored him, entering a bike and left.

"Huh! Chineke mu ooo! Ewu atam igu na'isi? O kam si jee? Utom has humuriated me! When did that one start? But what could walant her to do such a thing to me?" He was still looking lost, wondering why Oluchi turned him down in such a manner, the new guy began laughing, mocking him.

"Look at you, what to you think? That she will choose you over me? To tell you the truth, you don't deserve her. I wonder what she was thinking when she accepted to go out with a dirty illiterate like you. I saw the shameful drama you were putting up inside there, disgracing the poor girl, do you think a reasonable girl will continue enduring such an outrageous behavior? Off course she will definitely get tired one day after she must have realised the category of group you belonged to."

"For your point of collection, that girl is mine, I made her who she is today. Soon, I will completely make her my wife, so back off"

And the man softly laughed and said: "then get prepared to leave her because she is on the verge of becoming mine"

"You are clazy, you hear me? Stop dleaming, because Utom will never fall for a womalizer like you. Nonsense.."

"Oh come on! I can't stand here exchanging words with a low life illiterate like you" the man said, sounding insulting

"You are the one who is irritelate. Gelaway here, idiot like you" Ofoma insulted back

And the guy, began shaking his head, looking at Ofoma disgustingly, walking towards his car and then drove off.

"He should have stayed back ret me finish him, nonsense man" he angrily fumed and then went back inside and began asking Chidimma if she saw what her friend did.

She hummed and then said in a low tone: "Yes, I saw what happened."

"But what is her plobrem? She disglaced me in flont of that stlanger. I don't rike what she did at all, I don't rike it. But I don't understand why she was so angly, did I do anything wlong while she was here?"

"Ofoma, Oluchi my friend sees you as possessing all the negative attitudes in life. I think I can help by teaching you one or two things. You need little tutoring on mannerism. Oluchi shouldn't do this to you. You have built your world round her, and loosing her will definitely make you go crazy." Chidimma said in her heart.

"Chidimma, you are not saying anything. My head is burning, your fliend has gone clazy, I don't know what I did to her that made her shun me rike that, she even corrected the man's card light in my plesence. Chai! I don suffer."

"Ofoma, if I offer to teach you one or two things just to keep Oluchi to your side forever, would you accept it?" Chidimma asked

"I don't understand, what and what are you going to teach me?" Ofoma asked

"Ofoma, you see, we women can be so unpredictable. There are things that usually turn us off from men. Some who think that their men can never change and that such permanent character can never be erased usually turn their backs on who ever they claim that love them. And I think that is what my friend, Oluchi is trying to do"

"What do you mean? Are you insinuating that she is pranning on dumping me? Haa, Chidimma, fear God naa! How can you come up with such a lidiculous idea? How can you think that she can ever harbour the idea of dumping me after all we have been through? No naa, Chidimma are you this wicked? Are you tlying to sepalate me from my wife......? Oh I see, you are jearous, abi?" he asked, heightening his voice, not mind the people around, if they were listening or not.

"You are misunderstanding me, Sir. And please, lower your voice, I am only trying to help"

"Tlying to help? No, you are onry jearous of our sweet rove. My Baby is not happy, something is botheling her and I must find out what is it, because it's my duty to always make her happy" he angrily said,
misunderstanding Chidimma who was sincerely trying to save his relationship.
"I think I should reave from here" he said and then called for his bills and then left.
He began calling Oluchi's cell phone number but was ignored.

"I know that breaking up with him won't be that easy but I have to do it anyway. All that man said were not nothing but the truth, I can't be seen going out with somebody like Ofoma, I am too educated for him. See how he was busy displaying his ignorance, making outrageous noises in the restaurant, not minding the number of people that was there. No, it's over and I won't have my conscience bother me about it, because he doesn't befit my standard. I have to compose a break up text for him, since I have already given him a clue that I'm no longer interested. I just hope he will take this in good fate" Oluchi thought, began composing a text message.

"Guess I'm the only one remaining, but I won't leave until I finish this food, it's so tasty. But I'm really pitying Ofoma, he will surely have his heart shattered to pieces. Well, since he has refused my offer for help, maybe I should speak with Oluchi then, she might listen. Helping Ofoma know about his flaws will go along way in solidifying their relationship again, he will be thought on how to work on himself. Yes, that's what I should do" Chidimma suggested to herself.

While Ofoma was still driving to Oluchi's place, a text message beeped his phone. He then glanced through the screen and found out that it was from Oluchi.

"I know she will be feering solly for what she did, that why she has sent me this text. Don't wolly Utom, I'm no ronger angly, no need leading the text because I alleady know the content. Ret me dlive fast so I can show her how much I rove her. Utom oo, you are so sweet, I rove you so much." He professed and began reminiscing what Chidimma tried telling him earlier.

He then hissed and said: "I will make Utom to stop befliending that girl, she is so bad. She is jearous of my rove, I don't want her near my woman, she is not a good person at all. Imagine, she is tlying to sepalate me from utom. Hmm, nawao!" He hised in his heart, and continued driving to Oluchi's place.

"I just hope he takes it in good place. It's been up to 15 minutes that I sent him that text and he hasn't called, which means he accepted it with good heart. Thank God that I'm finally free from that man. He should stuck his stupid self to another girl, a girl who fall to his standard" she said and then thought of how her life will change with Ofoma's exit from her life: "I am free, yes.....finally free.... I never imagined that it will be so easy." She jubilate and then remembered the new guy: "But who is that guy? He is so handsome, is he really serious that he wants to go out with me? I pray he is so serious, because he is really cute... Oh Lord, is he the one, my Mr Right?" She asked, looking at the card the man gave to her:" Ow, he has a sweet name just like his face, Mr Stanley Nduka. OK, I'm going to call him tomorrow. No, I will have to wait a bit longer so that I don't sound desperate....yes...."

To be continued

Nonsense Mistake by Ngozi Lovelyn O

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